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In the vast agricultural region of Brandenburg, in what was the old East Germany, there is a small village called Trebatsch that dates back to the year 1004.

Surrounded by flowing fields of agricultural land lies the 4,5 hectar plot of Ad usum142. There are a number of beautiful original properties, some are residential, some for specific functions such as grain drying, machine workshop, garages and storage.The property is triangular in shape and is divided into two main parts, residential and industrial units and agricultural land, which comprises about 2,5 hectares. The agricultural land is bounded on one side by forest and on oneside by agricultural land and the third side borders the residential and industrial area.

We are offering potential developers a prime location for possible residential or industrial development. Indeed there is a potential for the complete area to be used for location film shooting when an intact old DDR environment is needed for the film plot. Previously the property was used as a seed breeding and research facility.